Prophecy about Economic troubles during 2008 – 2015 – Fulfilled! (video+transcript)

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This is the first part of a transcript of a radio program by Stan Johnson from “The Prophecy Club”. Watch video to listen to the program.

Welcome to the Prophecy Club! Let me just say before I even get started in this. I know that the Prophecy club sometimes come across pretty negative and I know that sometimes it gets old. Sometimes it gets old with me too. Sometimes I have to just sit and stare at the wall or go and do something that gets my mind of it. I understand it, but at the same time I cannot use prophecy club time to, I know this sounds hard, to bother to encourage you. I know my wife keeps telling me I need to encourage you. I look at it like this. If you need encouragement from a minister go to all the rest of the ministers, because that’s pretty much what they all do. Radio, TV, in person – that’s pretty much what they all do. They encourage you. If you need lifting up or guiding – that’s what pastor does, okay? I may pastor a church, but it is not my call. My first call is to be a watchman, to warn you about what is coming. And you’ve got to ask yourself one big question: which is going to win more souls by the end of this whole thing, by the time Jesus returns. From now to the return of Jesus will giving positive encouraging statements win more people or will the last days in time warning message, Daniel, Revelation, stuff like that win more people? And I would vote for the second one. So let’s get into something that is… It depends on how you look at it. It might be very negative, but if you want to know what’s coming – this is some very, very powerful and important stuff.

I call it “You will see 666”. December 10 through 14 of 2001 Terry Bennet claims that Gabriel came and laid out tree 7-year time frames. Now, I’m going repeat this twice. It is that important. I realize that sometimes while listening it is hard to get it all down. So, situation is: he says, Gabriel came to him. As in “The Gabriel, that came and spoke to Dimitriy Duduman” and also to Daniel in several places in the Bible, three seven years time frames. Now, he says for five days beginning December 10th 2001 Gabriel came and showed him much of the future. He laid out the future in three sets of ‘seven year” time frames. And he said, Gabriel visited him several hours each day and told him what would occur during 21-year period starting in 2008 to 2028. He divided the period into three ‘seven-year’ periods. He then spoke about each ‘seven year’ period, revealing what would be a predominant issue of each period. Gabriel spoke about these things.

Terry was shown visions allowing him to see what Gabriel was telling him of at the same time. He said each period will have a predominant issue beginning with economic trouble, then governmental changes and finally the rise of the One World religion. It all in 21 years from 2008 to 2028. There will be some elements from all three areas.

Period 1 (2008 – 2015). Economic Troubleeconomic troubles

He said the predominant issue out of first period from 2008 to 2015.

The Bible says “in the mouth of two or three witnesses let the thing be established”, so if what he says doesn’t line up with what someone else says, then we can go back to sleep, but if it is accurate – then we must listen to it. Deuteronomy 18:22 says: “When the prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken”, and “thou shalt not be afraid” of that prophet. So, we have to look and we have to say: has what the prophet said in the past come to pass? If it has, then whether

we like it or not, we better set up, put the ears forward and listen carefully. So if these things he said would come to pass between 2008 to 2015, if this is accurate – then we must listen to the rest of it. So, let me start that again.

The predominate issue of the first period from 2008 to 2015 would be economic problems”, ok? Hold it stop. Has that happened? Have there been economic problems from 2008 to 2015? And the answer is? Yes. Ok, he is 100% so far.

Gabriel told Terry “2008 will be the beginning of economic sorrows in our nation and in the world”. Has that happened yet? Yes, absolutely! So, he’s got the second point correct.

During this time the economic wealth of the United States will be neutralized and the military power of the United States will be greatly diminished”. Has that happened? No question! Just a few months ago had Pastor Dan read an article to you, that said that China has now overtaken the United States as the number 1 economic power on the Globe.

Now, there is no article saying that United States military is no longer the strongest, however we have written numerous articles talking about how the Russians are flying over and agging us on. I mean it’s like the bully down the street that keeps drawing a line in the sand with his foot in getting us to step over again even kicking dirt on it trying to get us to go to fight. So, at least the Russians think their military power is more than the United States’s. They openly say that they are preparing for the next war and they openly say they believe they can defeat the United States in the next war. So, can we say the fourth point is correct? Yes, we can. So, guys he’s got 4 out of 4 here. We better be listening but there’s more.

He went on to say: “the economic problems would be the primary cause for the military power being weakened”. Well, obviously! I mean that’s what perestroyka and glasnost did to Russia, ok? They didn’t have the money, so they couldn’t have the military. You don’t have the money, you can’t have the military! So obviously it’s the finances that have caused a military to go down not to mention the Black King in the office has not exactly been favourable to the military. But, let’s go on.

He went on to say, Terry explained, “there was at least some good that would come from this. In one sense of it, this is the protection of the Lord because if it were not for this downfall the Spirit of Antichrist, which is coming out of Europe, would make a grab for this nation”.

“There will be a change in the US currency”. Ok, hold on, that’s the 5th prophecy. Has our currency changed? Well, were not to the end of 2015 yet, but it is my opinion that on or about at the start of the Jubilee, which starts September 13th, or shortly after that, as I’ve talked about in yesterday’s broadcast, and you can go back and listen to it at prophecyclub. com. I talked about a global currency reset, about how they’re about to pay off all government and all banking debt instantly overnight without warning and of course a Jubilee, according to Leviticus 25, is exactly that. A Jubilee commended them to return all land to the rightful owners, to release all slaves and to wipe out all debts and that’s what is about to happen. And, as a result of that, America will be getting a new currency.economic troubles

By the way, I got to give you a disclaimer here, before we go any further. I cannot prove a word of this is true, ok? I will admonish you not to make any decisions, especially financial decisions based upon anything I’m saying in this broadcast. All of this is just for entertainment purposes, ok?

Now, what they’re going to do, is come out with a new currency. The name of it some people refer to it as a “TRN” or a “Treasury Reserve Note”, others call it a “US note’, but it will be a US treasury note and it will be at least partially gold back. They will be doing away with the Federal Reserve dollar. You can laugh and you can chuckle and point fingers, but you make a note of it, because there won’t be too many more months before this happens and then you can look back and say: the guy knew what he was talking about! Again I know what I’m talking about. I can’t prove it, and I haven’t seen any of it in writing, it is all hearsay, but I believe it to be true.

“A different currency”, Terry says, “is going to come, at least one, that will entail the United States no longer being the reserve currency of the world”. And I’ll read that again – a new currency is going to come out and about at the same time, and connected to, and associated with, that’s all part of the global currency reset, the “United States dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world”. Again, I have heard that it’s about to happen, that’s about to be a fact.

However I’ve got some additional information I think you’ll find very interesting. A guy sent me over an email and he’s talking about special drawing rights. I know you haven’t heard about this, but I’ll explain. I’m reading this right off of sdrfuture. com, go read it for yourself. “Special drawing rights” (aka SDR) are supplementary foreign exchange reserve assets defined and maintained by the International Monetary Fund (or IMF). The value is based upon a basket of key international currencies, reviewed by the IMF every 5 years. Based on the latest review conducted on December 30, 2010, the SDR basket consist of the 4 following currencies: US dollars 41.9%, EURO 37.4%, Pound sterling 11.3%, Japanese yen 9.4% . The weights assigned each currency in the SDR basket are adjusted to take into the account the current prominence in terms of international trade in national foreign exchange services. Now again I can’t prove this, but rumour has it that the new reserve currency will be the SDR or special drawing rights. Again, I can prove this, it is just a rumour, but the point is, that what this brother is saying here appears from all sources we can look at, it appears to be correct.

Now let’s continue. Let’s go back to the start of the paragraph. “There will be a change in the US currency. A different currency is going to come at least one that will entail us (the US) no longer being the reserve currency of the world.” I believe we are on the verge of seeing those things take place in a nation and a banking system failing again. So there are very serious things coming economically, he says.
Program source: Transcript by “Supernatural Life” team.

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