Jesus works miracles through former Muslim

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This is a transcript of an interview of Reza Safa by Sid Roth. Part 2

Sid: Hello, Sid Roth here with Reza Safa. Reza was a Shiite Muslim from Iran, and he had an encounter with Jesus. You were telling me that after your encounter, it wasn’t so much you saw Him, it wasn’t so much you heard His voice, but you experienced His presence. How did you sleep that next night?

Reza: It’s funny what you say, because every day I missed my prayer, I had a guilty conscience and I’d do extra prayer. That morning, for the first time, I put my head back on that pillow and I slept like a baby. And the peace that came to my heart, there’s just no way I can describe it.

Sid: Listen, I don’t know what happened with you, but coming from an orthodox Jewish background, I had that same type of experience. Right after I became a believer in the Messiah, a reporter for a major newspaper in Washington D.C. did a front page story about me, and I had such trouble with my family. My traditional orthodox Jewish father, oy vey! I understand you had the same type. But one of your sisters came to visit you in Sweden. Tell me about her.

Reza: Well, my family thought I was mentally crazy. My father called me, he said…

Sid: You too! Reza Safa with Sid Rith

Reza: Actually they tried to put me in a mental hospital through he embassy. My father called me, he said “If you were here, I would’ve killed you with my own hands.” And he disowned me of course, as did the rest of the family. After four years, my mother and sister decided to come to see me. They came to Spain; at that time I was in Spain starting a church among Iranians. And every day, if my sister touched me, she would go wash her hands. Every time she kissed me, she washed her face. Now I knew what she was doing, because I practiced it myself. But I confronted her, I said “What are you doing?” She said “You’re unclean.” That same sister came to visit… Actually she clogged my bathroom that two weeks she was with me in Spain, because she used so much water. She came to Turkey a few years ago when I had a healing service. She sat in the back of the service; didn’t want to do anything. And her thumb was broken or she had some problem with it, and the Lord healed her in the service without me touching her and praying for her. After the service, she came and grabbed my hands and started kissing and rubbing on them. Muslims, when they go to a shrine, they always rub their hands on the shrine. They think the blessing comes by touching, which is very biblical. So she started touching me and rubbing her hands on mine and putting them on her face. She said “Blessing’s coming out of you.” Her son accepted the Lord the last March in Dubai.

Sid: The same thing happened with my family. My mother was physically healed, and then she became a believer in the Messiah. We Jewish people and our cousins, the Arabs, need signs and wonders.

Reza: Exactly.

Sid: You recently got back from India, and there was a major eruption of miracles. And these were what I call, not just simple little miracles, these were what are called messianic miracles – when someone blind can see, when someone lame can walk. Let’s go to a clip of a lame person being healed. I love the power of God!

Sid: Now if you thought that was something, let’s take a look at some blind people being healed.

Reza: If you look at her eyes, you can see that this woman was blind. Totally blind in both of her eyes. How many fingers do I have? Five. How many now? One. How many now? Two. How many now? Three. Can you grab my nose? Hallelujah! And he was blind in both of his eyes? Both of his eyes? Touch my face again. Touch my face. Touch my nose. Touch my nose again. Hallelujah. How many years were you blind? For a month. Everybody raise your hand and thank Jesus.

Sid: Sid Roth here with Reza Safa, and what you’re seeing is messianic miracles. When you see a messianic miracle, it’s because the Messiah is here. Now Reza, I am so amazed at what you’re telling me is going on in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan. Literally, are there many Muslims, many Shiite Muslims, that are turning to Jesus?

Reza: According to Joel Rosenberg, over a million Iranians have come to Christ over the last three years through satellite TV. We’ve been broadcasting for four years on satellite TV. Last year we became full-time broadcast, 24/7, and we get about 300 calls every week that people come to Christ – Muslims. These are all kinds of people: judges, lawyers, all kind of radical Muslims. Reza Safa at It's supernatural

Sid: Tell me about that one person that his wife became a believer in the Messiah and she fell into adultery with her teacher, and he wanted to kill her teacher. Tell me about that.

Reza: The Lord is appearing to many, and many signs and wonders are taking place. This man, his wife accepted the Lord, but she fell into adultery, and he was Muslim. So one night he decides to kill this man that committed adultery with his wife, and now they’re separated. So he goes and buys a gun, and he prays. He says “Jesus, are You real? If You’re real, You ought to stop me, because tomorrow, I’m killing this man.” Three o’clock in the morning, somebody taps him on his shoulder, he’s asleep in his bed, he says “Get up and go watch TV.” He thinks it’s his brother. He tells him “Go home, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning.” The man again taps him on the shoulder. He gets up and he walks into his living room, all the lights are on, the TV is on. He looks around, he thought it was his brother, but it wasn’t his brother. Nobody was there. So he’s sitting there watching TV and he sees the Jesus movie, and Jesus is talking about vengeance; what vengeance does to people. So he recognizes that this was God speaking to him. Fear gets a hold of him, and he gets on his knees and repents. The following day or so, he watches our program and accepts Jesus. He just called me about a month ago and said “Pastor, I want to become a servant of Jesus. I’ve forgiven my wife…”

Sid: Only God can do something like that, but this is just a tiny bit of so many former Muslims who are turning to Jesus right now. Why? Because this is God’s time for Jews and Arabs to become one in the Messiah, to take the miracle power of God… What’s going to happen when we come back and you pray for people? When a Jew and a former Muslim pray for people, what’s going to happen in Jesus’ name?

Reza: I believe God’s going to touch them.

Sid: Don’t you dare go away! We’ll be right back.


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